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Deaf Peoples: Unengaged Unreached People Group

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Deaf Peoples: Unengaged Unreached People Group

Connecting Deaf Peoples

Did you know there are Deaf people all over the world who do not know anything about Jesus Christ? Has God has called you, and you desire to go to another country to tell them about Jesus Christ? Are you willing to commit?

100 Deaf people groups are unengaged and unreached in hundreds of countries and are waiting for someone willing to share Jesus.
Who is willing to go?

The International Mission Board has developed an equipping website that encourages and empowers Deaf Christians to participate in Deaf missions. Why? So Deaf people from every Sign Language and Deaf nation can know and worship Jesus Christ as Lord.

The Deaf Peoples website has everything from, stories, prayer, testimonies, resources, how to embrace, and how to go ~ that a deaf christian or deaf interpreter needs in order to minister to the Deaf Peoples.  

Does your church have a deaf membership?  Does your church have a deaf Interpreter.  Is your church near the deaf community?  Has the Lord laid a burden on your heart for the deaf?

Visit the IMD Deaf People website now and find out how you may be able to minister to this unengaged, unreached people group.