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Deacon ministry continues to adapt to cultural, time–poor families and deacons, varying community and church needs and the unique calling and gifting of God’s servants. Historically deacons have moved from administrators and budget managers in the 50's and 60's to various and increasing degrees of servant leadership in the 70's, 80's, and 90's.

The transition from, or blending of, administration and management to servant ministry is an ongoing challenge for most churches and deacons. As the church enters the 21st century it is increasingly evident that the spiritual leadership role of deacons and church will be needed more than ever.

We hereby acknowledge our tasks to include:

Proclaiming the Gospel to believers and unbelievers

Caring for the church’s members and other persons in the community

Leading the church in the achievement of its mission.

Training Opportunities

We offer three trainings to help equip Deacons in serving the church.

The Deacon Basic Training Workshop will enable the deacon to better understand himself, his calling, and his task. It is also designed to give practical tools for more effective deacon service.(Minimum teaching time - two hours)

In the workshop deacons will address four keys areas:

  1. The Deacon’s Most Important Task: “Living the Life of a Christ-follower While Everyone Is Watching”
  2. What Really Is the Primary Work of the Deacon?
  3. Keys to Becoming an Effective Spiritual Leader
  4. Practical Suggestions for Effective “Deacon Work”

The Deacon as a Care-Giver: The module examines the biblical foundation for the deacon as a care-giver including studying the example of Jesus as a care-giver. We will talk about keys to building an effective care-giving system and look at models. We will further examine keys to successful care-giving. Deacons will learn how to assess needs and utilize care-giving tools to help meet those needs in hands-on exercises. (Minimum teaching time - two hours)

Top Ten Mistakes Deacon Leaders Make: Being a deacon is primarily a care-giving role. Becoming a deacon in most of our churches, however, puts a deacon in a role as a spiritual leader. Based on observation and experience we will explore some of the primary mistakes church leaders are prone to make and look at ways to be more effective as leaders. This workshop may have application for other church leaders. (Minimum teaching time - two hours)

A missionary will come to your church to present any of these training's and there is no cost to your church. This is a ministry provided through your giving to the Cooperative Program. Feel free to invite other church deacons in your area.

To schedule a training, please give Donna Jefferys by email djefferys@bcmd.org or by phone at 800-466-5290 x202.