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Day Six - Music Makes Relationships

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Day Six - Music Makes Relationships

Good values weren't enough for Linda Hamfors of Sweden. Linda, who grew up in an atheist family, believed Jesus was "a really amazing guy" and learned values from her parents like forgiveness, acceptance, and love.

But good values couldn't sustain the singer/songwriter through the tumultuous years when her parents began drinking more and pursuing materialistic gain.

"I was kind of a little bit left alone with my good values, and I wasn't feeling good, " Linda says.

Struggling with addiction herself, Linda searched for God. She found a church. She began singing in church, and the gospel songs moved her to tears.

Then, she heard church plan Eric and Anissa Haney - also musicians - perform at an event in her city. They sang songs Anissa had written about life, hope, and love.

"My mind was going, "oh, this is too much about Jesus and God," Linda recalls. "But my heart was saying, 'Yes!'"

Today, Linda follows Jesus and attends Bible study home groups. She's learning to tell her story - in words and music. Together Linda and Anissa wrote a song they performed for Sweden's National Peace Day.

"'The Peace Song' is about relationships," Linda says, "It's about what it takes to trust and find peace."

Pray - Linda will continue to grow close to God.

Pray - God will use the Haneys and their music to point others to Jesus.