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Day 8, July 16: Vital Radio Ministry

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Day 8, July 16: Vital Radio Ministry

Vital Radio Ministry - Why radio ministry is vital in the Muslim world

Why, in an age when digital video and audio content is delivered to computers via fibre-optic cable or wireless signals, should radio be seen as a critical tool for presenting the Christian faith? Quite simply because it has the unique ability to deliver its message efficiently, inexpensively, and compellingly to the greatest percentage of the world’s people, regardless of their economic status, educational level or geographic location.

Church Grows Because of Radio Ministry

For example, Christians in Central Asia are restricted in their faith. Foreign missionaries have been expelled from certain areas. But the local Church has continued to develop, owing in part to the influence of teaching via radio. In North Africa, radios are available throughout the region, allowing people in urban and rural areas as well as literate and oral people alike to receive and understand programmes in their language.

Radio is also a fitting solution when dealing with the challenges of the written alphabet. For instance, in Turkmenistan, the older generation has always used the Cyrillic alphabet, whereas the younger generation is accustomed to the Latin alphabet. The Turkmen in foreign countries read in Arabic, Farsi, or the language of the country they reside in. Radio broadcasts, however, allow them to listen to the gospel in the language they speak.

Cultural Diversity

The Islamic world is full of cultural diversity, stretching from Africa to Asia. A Moroccan lives in an entirely different setting from a Syrian or someone in Indonesia. Radio ministries can take cultural nuances and differences into consideration when creating content. And owing to frequent electricity shortages in the mountainous or desert regions, solarpowered radios are of particular importance in broadcasting biblical content.

Radio waves cross borders and go where traditional missionaries are not able to go and where printed biblical material is difficult to access. In this way, radio ministries play an essential role in reaching the Islamic world for Christ. Radio also tends to be cheaper than other outreach methods.

Prayer ideas:

* Ask God for more ministries to take up the challenge of radio broadcast.

* Pray for the radio programmes to meet the felt needs of the people.

* Pray for the local radio producers to be encouraged and protected.

* Pray for those who seek the truth, that they may learn to know Christ and grow in Him.

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