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Day 4, July 12: Meet the Children of Algeria

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Day 4, July 12: Meet the Children of Algeria

Children of Algeria
For Day 04, Friday, July 12

                                               Hungry for truth: meet the children of Algeria

At the foot of a massive mountain in a remote village in Kabylie, in the north of Algeria, a little boy named Joseph grew up. Every day at school he learned about Islam and studied the Qur’an in Arabic. Even after his father had trusted Jesus, Joseph did not hear much about the Lord. His father had to work very hard and did not have much time to tell stories from the Bible to Joseph.

Joseph’s thoughts were all mixed up: at school, they taught Islam, but at home, his father told him about the God of the Bible. Joseph was aching to know which of these two ways was right and would lead him to know the living God.

Opportunity knocks

One summer, a nearby church — about 50 km away — organised a camp for children. Joseph longed to go, but this camp was meant for the children of the church and Joseph did not belong to it. He was told he could not join in. But the day before the camp started, one of the camp workers felt moved to make a place for him after all. Joseph was thrilled!

Joseph thoroughly enjoyed his days at the camp, but deep in his heart, he was still moved by the question: which of these ways is the right one? On the last day of the camp, the worker who had been moved to invite Joseph along began to talk to him. Finally, Joseph had the opportunity to ask his questions and share his great interest to know the truth.

Through this talk, Joseph learned about the love of God and the message of Jesus, calling us to repent of our sins and follow Him. When asked if he wanted to believe in Jesus as his Saviour, Joseph answered “Yes” and he prayed together with the worker, at peace at last with his question.

Prayer ideas:

* Pray for the children in Kabylie and throughout Algeria, that they will all get an opportunity to hear about Jesus (Luke 18:16).

* Pray for the children who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, that their faith will grow and that they will have the courage to tell others about Him (Mark 9:36–37).

* Pray that God will protect the Christians in Algeria who are persecuted (Matthew 5:10).

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