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Day 30, August 7: Eid al-Adha

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Day 30, August 7: Eid al-Adha

Muslims sacrifice during Eid festivities

The Good News for Muslims is that Jesus is the Lamb of God who took away the sin of the world.

The most important holiday for a Muslim is called Eid al-Adha or the “Feast of the Sacrifice”. Over the course of this holiday period, Muslims across the globe will slaughter their best halal animals as a symbol of Ibrahim (Abraham) offering up his first son to God. This festival also marks the end of the Hajj pilgrimage.

According to some estimates, as many as 100 million animals will be slaughtered across the Muslim world during Eid al-Adha, which comes approximately 70 days after the end of Ramadan.

The final sacrifice

Perhaps during this holiday you can ask a Muslim what they believe. In return, they may ask what you believe. You can explain that the sacrifice is symbolic of Jesus. You can tell them we call Jesus the Lamb that God provided — the final sacrifice, who takes away sin, raised up to give us life forever. “Behold, the Lamb of God …” (John 1:29; Hebrews 9:12; Leviticus 17:11; Romans 5:9).

Prayer ideas:

* Pray specifically about the rituals. We know purification rituals may cleanse the body, but they don’t cleanse the heart. Only Jesus can cleanse our hearts and we can only allow that to happen through repentance. Pray that the Holy Spirit would prompt a call to genuine repentance that seeking hearts hear and respond to.

* Thank Jesus Messiah that it is through His blood that sins can be forgiven. Pray that Muslims would understand that Jesus is the only way to the Father so that sins can be forgiven. Pray John 1:29, Acts 10:43 and Hebrews 1:3.

* Pray Ephesians 6, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against … the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Muslims understand there is a spiritual battle caused by Satan. That is why they throw rocks at Satan during the day of stoning as part of Eid al-Adha.

* Pray that Muslim peoples would hear that only Jesus defeated sin, Satan and death. May they know that throwing stones at Satan is meaningless apart from the cross and resurrection which defeated Satan. May they find Christ and have their own mighty weapons “for the tearing down of strongholds” (2 Corinthians 10:4).