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Day 15, July 23 - The China Miracle

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Day 15, July 23 - The China Miracle

The China Miracle - Ten million Hui don’t know about Jesus

I met Halid four years ago and knew from our first meeting that he was a man whom God was going to use in a special way among his people.

One night during Ramadan, Halid shared a dream with me. He said, “In my dream a man came to me and took my hand. I didn’t know who this man was but I knew that he was good. He led me up a hill, but I got tired and pulled my hand away. He waited patiently until I had rested and then, taking my hand again, we continued up the hill. Upon reaching the top I again tried to pull my hand away from him since we had reached our destination. But he gently, yet firmly, held my hand so that I could not get away from him. At that point I woke up.”

Halid shared his dream with a friend (also a Muslim), hoping for help in understanding its meaning. His friend said, “Halid, the man in your dream was Jesus the Messiah.” Halid remembers, “As soon as I heard this, I knew it was true and that God was telling me I must really follow Jesus. He was showing me that He is always waiting to take my hand, even when I pull away. I see now that I have always needed Him and even when I push Him away He stays right by my side. I don’t understand this kind of love but I know I need it and I like it.” Halid started reading the Bible and is sharing this good news in his community.

Desiring to know

Even though God is doing amazing things among the Hui people in China, many of the over 10 million Hui still live in a world that is unaware of the awesome love that Halid is now experiencing. Many still live in fear and though they have a real desire to know and obey God, they don’t know how to do it.

Prayer ideas:

* Ask that Jesus would reveal Himself to the Hui in supernatural ways (Acts 2:17).

* Pray that the fear the Chinese Christians feel towards the Hui would be replaced with love (1 John 4:18).

* Pray that the Hui who already follow Jesus will have wisdom and boldness to share Him with their families and friends (Ephesians 6:18–20).

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