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Comcourse Learning Solutions

Rockbridge Seminary has been a proud partner with Comcourse Learning Solutions since 2008 in providing online classroom technology for seminary students. Comcourse’s online learning classroom, influenced by the popular Moodle platform, appealed to seminary leaders because of its user-friendly design, its support of a more personalized learning community environment, and its simple, intuitive presentation.

James Chellis, bestselling educator, author, editor, and publisher, founded Comcourse in 1994 to provide innovative education. Since that time, millions of students have read James’s technology publications. With more than 6,000,000 hardbound books in print, two of his titles have been worldwide #1 technology best-sellers.

Additionally, thousands of students have completed James’s classroom trainings, watched his educational videos, and used his training software. James has provided training to dozens of Fortune 500 corporations, and many universities and governmental organizations.Starting in 1995, in conjunction with Cyberstate University, which was the world’s first web-based IT training company, James presented online IT certification trainings, and the first live elabs to students across the country.

Since that time, James has continued to contribute to the development of the frontiers of online learning, and elearning communities. James presents at industry conferences, has served as an executive member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, and has developed and sold several patents internationally.

In 2004, Comcourse began supporting colleges and universities in the delivery of accredited programs, and has since partnered with approximately two dozen institutions.

Comcourse Learning Solutions

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