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the Church Strengthening Team offers three distinct types of coaching services…

A Coaching Conversation: just like it sounds, a coaching conversation is a one-time, one-hour conversation with one of our qualified coaches. You set the subject, we ask the questions, you discern your next steps, and articulate them as action plans. It is just that simple.

Consultative Coaching: you invite a Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware staff missionary, based on their area of expertise, to consult with you about a specific need in your church.

Coaching Covenant*: you enter into a 3-6 month covenant with a qualified/certified coach. The relationship is about your goals and your growth; about you discovering insights from God; about your questions; and your actions. You bring the topics (anything from ministry to marriage/family to soul care) to the conversation. Covenant Coaching is not therapy, training, or mentoring - it is a forward-moving, ongoing, action-oriented dialog.

*depending on your choice for a coach, some minor costs could be incurred.

COACHING is made possible through the Church Strengthening Team and your Cooperative Program gifts. 

To find out more, contact Randy Millwood, Team Strategist, Church Strengthening.

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