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Change is Necessary If We Are to Reach the Middle Adult

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Change is Necessary If We Are to Reach the Middle Adult

Change is necessary if we are to reach the Middle Adult.

Change is a six letter word that sometimes we hate to see, but it’s inevitable if we are going to keep our older adults and reachnew unchurched older adults with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our church needs to have a new priority in its ministry. Today we need to hear, “Do not let my older people go!”

Meet the Middle Adult.

A second change in the older adult demographic landscape is the emergence of a new generational group called Middle Adults.  Whereas new older adults are easily identified by their attitudes, middle adults are identified by their age.  Men and women in this group are approximately 50 – 69 years old. They are often retired or partially retired and they are usually healthy and happy with their stage in life. They qualify for, by virtue of their age, many church older adult activities, howevermiddle adults do not consider themselves as seniors.

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