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What Is A ESL Basic Training Workshop

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The First step in becoming part of the ESL ministry is to go through a ESL Basic Training Workshop.

The purpose of the basic workshop is to equip church volunteers for ESL ministry and to support churches in beginning an ESL ministry in their community.

The Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware offers the 16-hour ESL Basic Workshop designed by the Southern Baptist North American Mission Board (NAMB) specifically for volunteers teaching ESL in a church or ministry setting. Our workshop leaders are experienced ESL teachers in their own local churches who have received extensive additional training to certify them as NAMB ESL workshop leaders.

The workshop manual we use is “Teaching English Language Learners the Good News: A Guide for Church-based ESL Ministries” by Kendale Moore and published by NAMB. Topics covered in the workshop include:

  • The ministry of ESL
  • Organizing a new ESL ministry (includes sample forms, job descriptions, etc)
  • Student placement interview
  • Learning and teaching a foreign language
  • Planning ESL lessons (includes sample lessons for several levels)
  • Introducing new vocabulary/guided practice
  • Teaching pronunciation
  • Practicing vocabulary in different contexts
  • Dealing with cultural misunderstanding
  • Incorporating Biblical material in your classes
  • Sharing your faith with your students
  • Recommend Resources

When are workshops taught?

The Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware offers a workshop in the Laurel/Columbia area twice a year in January and August. These workshops are usually held on two consecutive Saturdays, weather permitting. The cost of these workshops is $25 per person, which includes all materials.

Are there other opportunities to attend a workshop?

Yes. We work with local churches and associations to schedule additional workshops as requested throughout the year. Because the workshop leaders must put so much time into preparing and teaching the workshop, we encourage churches to “go in together” so that each workshop equips at least eight people. Our workshop leaders are all volunteers who have other responsibilities and commitments, but they will work with you to find a date that will fit both your schedule and theirs.

How can our church host a workshop?

Contact Ellen Udovich at 443-250-2555 or eudovich@bcmd.org

As the workshop host, you would be responsible for helping with publicity (such as contacting your local Baptist association and asking them to help get the word out about the training). You would also be responsible for opening and closing the building, making sure there is heat, providing any coffee/tea/water/snacks, etc. As host, you can choose to provide lunch out of your church kitchen, bring in pizza, ask people to brown-bag, or whatever seems best. Due to time constraints, don’t send people out to fast food places up the street.

How much will it cost us to host a workshop?

It depends on what you choose to do. Your costs would be whatever you choose to do about lunch/hospitality plus the cost of manuals ($20.00 or download and print your own) and the cost of the workshop leader ($200 honorarium for the 16-hour workshop plus travel expenses)

Some ideas to help with costs:

  • Charge participants a small fee to cover their manuals (most churches charge $20-$25, which also helps with snacks, etc) Some churches might charge more to help offset honorarium expenses and/or lunches
  • Ask your church’s missions or outreach committee to help with expenses
  • Ask your local Baptist Association to sponsor the workshop (then they are responsible for expenses related to the workshop leader)
  • If you are really stuck, ask if the BCM/D has scholarship funds available.

If our church is not part of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware, can we still host a workshop?

Yes. Our office will put you in touch with a workshop leader and you can make arrangements with them directly. The only difference is that the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware can only offer scholarship assistance to churches who are affiliated with us.

Now that you have learned about the ESL Basic Workshop the next step for you is to attend one.  ESL Basic Workshops are offered usually twice a year, Spring and late Summer. Click here to see when the next available date is for an ESL Basic Workshop.