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A Church Revitalization Process

Statistics indicate that over 80% of Christian churches in America are on plateau or decline. 89% if you don’t count biological or transfer growth!

If this is your Church...
you’re in the majority.

Are you and your Church ready to make a change?



What is AWAKEN?


AWAKEN is a Church Revitalization Process for pastors of churches on long-term plateau or early decline.

It’s facilitated by Randy Millwood, Team Strategist for Church Strengthening for the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware, as well as many guest presenters and coaches.

What is the AWAKEN process?

Awaken is a one year, covenant journey, with a cohort of other pastors and churches, that is action oriented. The process is roughly 6 months of content exploration and discovery followed by 6 months of coached implementation.

  • a 2-day, overnight retreat
  • six workshops delivered over 3 days
  • readings, tasks, carrying the teachings to selected leaders in your congregations
  • a strategic process design experience with feedback from some of our Baptist Convention of MD/DE pastors
  • peer and covenant coaching

What will we discuss?

  • The Spiritual habit, practice and corporate role of discernment
  • A comprehensive change cycle
  • Redeeming conflict to honor God’s abiding love for people and devotion to Christ’s mission, while recognizing and responding to any conflict that becomes divisive
  • Leading with courage by instilling courage in the lives of those whom you lead
  • The muck and mire that is sometimes polity, organization, and systems
  • Proven practices for being more externally focused
  • Strategic process design and an externally focused strategic plan

When will we meet?

We anticipate two cohort groups for 2017. Dates below reflect two different groups (Cohort A and Cohort B). When you make final your payment,  you will choose A or B. You must attend all sessions of your Cohort. 


What will this cost?

Time: the process is about 1 year – and could result in a lifetime journey!

A Covenant: designed by your Church – between you and God, to pursue God’s mission, together

Money: contributing BCMD Churches* = $245.00; non-contributing Churches = $395.00

*contributing Church = a member Church that has contributed something to the BCMD in the last 12 months... Cooperative Program (including the state portion), our State Missions Offering, a designated BCMD offering, etc.

How do I apply?

Complete the application below and pay the application fee. If you are accepted, the balance will be due by February 15.

Deadline to apply: January 25, 2017



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