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April Prayer Emphasis - Horn of Africa

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April Prayer Emphasis - Horn of Africa

"The people walking in darkness have seen great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness, a light has dawned."  Isaiah 9: 2

Uniting a worldwide network of 1 million believers who will pray and fast specifically for the advancement of His Kingdom among the peoples of the Horn of Africa during the month of April 2012

4/9/2012 By Ava Thomas (International Mission Board)

HORN OF AFRICA — It’s bad enough for your husband to walk out on you. It’s a completely different story for him to show up with a mob, armed with knives, ready to kill you.

“After I became a follower of Jesus, my husband would always insult me. I tried to share with him from the Word, but he said I wasn’t being a good wife and kicked me out,” Melesse* said. “Then one night when I was coming home late from work, he and five men followed me and broke down my door.”  Continue Reading

To learn more about how to pray for the people of the Horn and how to reach out to those same people groups living in your area, visit prayforthehorn.com.