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Amped Student Ministries is a division of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware. Our goal at Amped is focused in three areas which are found throughout the teachings of Jesus. We are to Love God, Love others, and be a servant. We feel that this can only be accomplished by directly following those teachings and keeping ministry personal.

Our purpose is to be a resource for those who work with students, to assist them reach and equip students as they prepare for the future. We do this by offering events such as an annual mission trip, summer camp, the youth evangelism conference, and our winter retreat. In addition to the events we are here to assist the local church as they minister and encourage students to live a life of faith.

Our desire is to see students live lives where their faith in Christ is evident in their morals, their values, and their decisions.

We strive to reach these goals by offering events, training and building relationships with those we are trying to reach.

Annual Events
Guatemala Mission Trip
Youth Evangelism Conference
Summer Camp (reCHARGE)
Winter Retreat (reBOOT)