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The Biggest Challenge You'll ever enjoy falling in love with!

Jesus’ last word to us was Acts 1:8. Could the last thing from His lips be the last thing on our minds? How can your church actualize Acts 1:8, our world-wide witnessing assignment?

Picture a man buying power shears, rushing out to trim hedges, then abandoning his task. He assumes his new tool is defective. Behind a return desk, a store clerk quietly hears the man’s frustrations then plugs in the tool to test it. Hands on hips, the customer says, “No one told me I had to do that!”

Jesus told us, “First, plug in.” We must depend on the Spirit’s power. Only then can we be His witnesses. If we understand what it takes to win a community, even our own, we understand that Acts 1:8 calls us to spiritually prepare.

  1. NOTE what competes with witness availability. Confess it. Address it.
  2. TEACH missions as biblical and essential to faithfully follow Jesus.
  3. PRAY for leadership, for laborers and for groups that need the Lord.

Ministry Evangelism:  Ready to touch a life? Ready to refuse to be idle, to sit back and be silent? Are you ready to Love Loud? 

Every day we are surrounded by those who are neglected. Love Loud ministry demonstrates God's love by meeting significant human need while sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.  Love is a journey and as we Love Loud through the power of the gospel - neglected lives will be impacted and transformed.

Servant Evangelism:  Are you ready to Take the Acts 1:8 Challenge?  Are you ready to grow your community impact within walking, driving and flying distances? Let's take this challenge together and reach our communities for Christ!

Take the Challenge is a free resourcing tool for churches to use on a seasonal basis to expand their ministry outreach in their "Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Ends of the Earth." It is designed to inspire, strengthen and equip churches to stretch their community impact. (click link to see this season's challenge).