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A New Quiet Revolution

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A New Quiet Revolution

It took about four years before Ron Young could comfortably have a cup of coffee with a resident of Rawdon, Quebec. Six and a half years into a church planting effort in the town of 10,000 an hour northeast of Montreal, the skeptical residents are warming.


“There are over 1,000 cults in Quebec,” says Young, church planter and pastor of Renaissance Bible Church. “People are very slow to trust you because you might be a cult leader or you could just be one of the many religious leaders who’ve come for a few years and left.”


Like much of Canada, the majority of residents in Rawdon identify themselves as Catholic or Anglican but rarely attend services.

The presence of Jehovah’s Witnesses is legion and the name Jesus is a distant word mostly forgotten among the youth.

“I’ll say something about Jesus and I’ll get this look like ‘I know that name from somewhere,’ and they’ll ask ‘Now who is that again?’” says Young. “They just don’t have a clue. Most of them were baptized into the Catholic church but beyond that they don’t believe in anything.”  Full Article