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A Few Good Men: Father-Son Event

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A Few Good Men: Father-Son Event

If you are looking for an event model for something beyond Sunday services, A Few Good Men father-son gathering is one way to do that.

The event focuses on the importance of men mentoring young men, and fathers mentoring their sons. Learn more about the event by reading the event plan.


How to Host "A Few Good Men" Father/Son Event

What:  "A Few Good Men" is a unquie man and boy worship experience that introduces participants to Sons of Virtue and leads participants to commit to personal involvement.  

Who:  This event focuses on fathers and sons, grandfathers and grandsons, and other men working with boys whose fathers are absent from the home. (Note:  A good place to look for potential mentors is the men's group in your church.  If you church does not have a men's group, then a potential core group for starting a men's group may be the mentors enlisted to lead boys through Sons of Virtue).

Where:  "A Few Good Men" is designed to be implemented as a local church event.  This event works well with a breakfast or dinner.

For program outline click download below.

Event Plan download