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10 Small Group Models

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10 Small Group Models


Open small groups have space available for visitors and new members. Most of these groups generally remain “open” all the time, meaning there is no limit to the amount of new people who can join. Some will begin a birthing process for a new group once a specific number of regular attenders is reached. Other models “close” their groups once they reach a certain size—often between 8 and 12 regular members.


Closed small groups limit the number of participants in order to focus on building trust, intimacy, and accountability between group members. Once a group starts, new members and visitors are generally discouraged from attending meetings. Closed groups usually convene for a specific period of time before “opening” back up to welcome new members. This time period can last anywhere from a semester of study to several years.

Read more: http://www.rockbridgeseminary.org/learning-upgrades/10-small-group-models#ixzz1qFzdwEx1

This list of 10 small group models and the website resource that provides this content, SmallGroups.com, are included in the materials for the Rockbridge Seminary course “Building a Small Group Ministry” (a fully online seminary course).

“Building a Small Group Ministry” is an elective course taught by Dr. Randy Millwood for the Master of Divinity (MDiv) and Master of Ministry Leadership (MML) programs offered by Rockbridge Seminary, a fully online seminary (100%). Upcoming Course Schedule for the course “Building a Small Group Ministry” (2012 Term 3 (May 1-Jun 25) – MDiv and MML)